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Emergency First Aid . . . Don’t be without it

First Aid Course For Sports  

Emergency Response First Aid – Sport Specific

This is a short three-hour course in Basic Life Support specifically tailored to meet the needs of individual sports.

This course will enable all candidates to deal with an unconscious casualty who is breathing/ not breathing.  Additionally it will enable coaches, supervisors and other attendees (parents etc) at sporting clubs to deal with injuries specific to their activity. 

• Incident Management
• Assessing The Casualty
• Recovery Position
• Choking
  • Control Of Bleeding
• Heart Attacks
  • CPR

This course is also a pre-requisite for entry to formal qualifications such as the Level 1 FA Coaching Award. 

This GE Lifesystems course can be delivered at your venue or ours to meet the needs of your club and sport.

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